Hadjer Hadid Ouaddai

Projects in Hadjer Hadid

SAS has projects running in Hadjer Hadid, Eastern Chad. This is located in on the edge of the homeland of the Masalit people, who historically have spanned the Sudan-Chad border. The 2003 Darfur War resulted in widespread displacement and the arrival of over 400,000 refugees in Chad, located in 13 different refugee camps along the Darfur border. Several of these refugee camps are located in near to the town of Hadjer Hadid (population approx. 10,000) where SAS have their operational base in the East.

These camps have existed for over ten years in what has developed into a protracted refugee situation (PRS), and they now more closely resemble mid-sized towns rather that camps. Furthermore, worsening circumstances in Darfur mean that there is little prospect of their return being feasible.  There is therefore a critical need for development initiatives within these refugee camps such that they are transformed into viable, resilient, peaceful & sustainable communities. Furthermore, surrounding Chadian villages have taken on additional burden of accommodating refugee communities and they too are struggling with subsistence livelihoods and chronic vulnerability, which requires action to address.

For more detail on our work, see the map of the region surrounding Hadjer Hadid.


Markaz Attafahum – Centre of Understanding

We started this language centre in October of 2015, and called it ‘Markaz Attafahum’ which means ‘Centre of Understanding’ in Arabic.

Our hope is that this centre will for many years to come be a hub of learning and deepening understanding: that both expatriates and Chadian nationals would gain deep insight into the languages and cultures of Chad.

Teachers and Tutors at a ceremony

This means:

  1. training up tutors and teachers so that we had high quality instruction;
  2. developing and compiling resources in the local languages for students to use;
  3. setting up a professional and practical place to have lessons and to study;
  4. develop a language learning community whereby we encourage and support one another mutually in our language learning.

Teachers and Tutors at a Ceremony

Markas al Nour N'Djamena

2016 Year-end at Markas al Nour

The teachers at the year-end meeting.

French level 0 graduates with their teacher

Bahr el Gazel Education Center

Moussoro Map

Moussoro is a town of about 50,000 people on the edge of the Sahara desert.  Service au Sahel has taught computer classes in Moussoro since 2010 through a partnership with a local association.  While teaching those computer classes, one of Service au Sahel’s teachers found out that there was no accessible map of the city of Moussoro.

So with the help of his computer students, they made this map of Moussoro with the neighborhoods roughly in the right spot.


Bahr el Gazel Education Center

Ceremony for Computer and English Classes

Eight people finished a 40-hour computer course covering the following subjects:

  • Introduction to computing
  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Word processing with Microsoft Word 2013
  • Spreadsheets with Microsoft Excel 2013
The latest computer class
The latest computer class

Three people finished a 30 hour English course based on the “Oxford New Headway Plus Beginner” curriculum.  The course focused on listening, writing, speaking, and reading.

The first English class with Rakiss and Tammy
The first English class with teachers Rakiss and Tammy
Board of Directors

Members of the SAS Board of Directors

An up-to-date list of the SAS Board of Directors:

NameNationalityFunctionDate Elected
Issaya FoulziChadianCoordinator21 March 2009
Samuel SchoofsAmericanSecretary General1 May 2012
Hassane RahamaChadianTreasurer1 May 2012
Sylvain DjékilambirChadianAdjoint Treasurer20 March 2018
Benbo AntipasChadianFirst Counselor10 July 2021
Rakiss GarsoukChadianSecond Counselor10 July 2021

Updated 11 July 2021

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Pictures of Markas al Nour training and culture center